The Rural Land Foundation of
Lincoln (RLF)
is a non-profit land
conservation organization founded in 1965.

Mission:  To help protect the rural
character of Lincoln, Massachusetts.

  • apply creative land planning
    solutions to preserve  open space and
    conserve natural resources
  • support initiatives to maintain
    Lincoln's rural character
  • own and operate Lincoln's small
    commercial center (Lincoln Station)

Funding:  The activities of the RLF are
funded by proceeds from Lincoln Station.  
Charitable donations from private
individuals and foundations are a critical
source of funds for land acquisition.   
Lincoln Land Conservation Trust
trusts in the country.  It was founded in

Mission:  To protect the rural character
of Lincoln, Massachusetts by holding
conservation land in trust for the benefit
of the residents of Lincoln.

  • Manage 375 acres currently under
    its protection
  • Maintain about 60 miles of trails on
    its own property and on private
    property with the permission of the
  • Advocate and educate about
    Lincoln's natural resources
  • Encourage community involvement
    in land conservation through
    volunteer opportunities and LLCT

Funding:  The activities of LLCT are
funded primarily from membership and
private donations.   Some funds for
stewardship activities are raised by the
RLF at the time of land acquisition.
Both organizations are run
by a non-profit board of
trustees, all Lincoln
residents, and supported
by two staff people.
L I N C O L N   L A N D  C O N S E R V A T I O N
and the Rural Land Foundation of Lincoln (RLF) to
protect the rural character of Lincoln, Massachusetts through