L I N C O L N   L A N D  C O N S E R V A T I O N
and the Rural Land Foundation of Lincoln (RLF) to
protect the rural character of Lincoln, Massachusetts through
land conservation, stewardship and education.
Conservation Land (indicated by the solid green) owned by the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust or the Lincoln Conservation Commission is open to the public
without charge, from dawn to dusk, for quiet recreation.  Outside of conserva
tion areas, trails are generally on private property.  Please keep strictly to the
marked trail.  Failure to do so may result in fines or the revocation by the owner of permission for public use, and may constitute trespassing!

  • Trails identified with colored markers (yellow, red/orange) are open to pedestrians, cross-country skiers and horseback riders.  Bicycle riding is
    permitted only on trails expressly marked for such use.
  • Bicycle and horseback riding are not permitted where so marked and in wet areas or other sensitive areas where their use may result in damage to the
    trail or to public water supplies.
  • No motorized vehicles or equipment are allowed on any town trails.
  • Pets must be suitably controlled at all times.
  • All dogs must be leashed within fenced pastures, or when so posted.
  • Please avoid littering, picking flowers, injuring vegetation, or passing through fields under active cultivation.
  • Hunting, trapping or carrying firearms (even if unloaded) is not allowed.
  • Flint’s Pond is Lincoln’s main public water supply – no trespassing is permitted in the pond, on the ice, or on the shoreline adjacent to the pond.
  • Cars must be parked in designated parking areas only.
  • Fire is a serious danger in woodlands - please refrain from smoking unless the ground is snow covered or very wet; no fires or camping except with prior
    written permission of the property owner.

In case of emergency, call the Lincoln Police at 911.  For general issues and concerns, contact the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust at 781-259-9251, and the
Lincoln Conservation Commission at 781-259-2612.

You are entering upon the land at your own risk! Neither the Town of Lincoln, the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust, nor private landowners assume any
liability for injuries to persons or damage to property while on Lincoln’s trails or conservation land.

For a complete list of the rules in regulations,
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Thank you to our members!  Your MEMBERSHIP and DONATIONS helps us maintain the trails and conservation lands, and are
gratefully appreciated!  Please send your comments and contributions to PO Box 10, Lincoln, MA 01773 or
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Click on a map area or the list for a printable map.
We welcome all to the Town of Lincoln’s Conservation
land and trails!  These trails, fields, streams and forests
represent generous gifts from earlier generations for all
of us to enjoy.  Please savor and respect these natural
areas - use and manage them appropriately for those
who will come after you, whether tomorrow or a
century from now.

Please help us keep the land healthy and enjoyable for
all by following the guidelines below:
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Town of Lincoln Bike Trail Map
Click to view a printable PDF of the map.
Map 1-North Lincoln.
MMNHP, Tanner's Brook, Ricci
Map 2-Walden Pond Area
Walden, Pine Hill, Adam's
Map 3-Flint's Pond Area
Flint's Pond, Pine Hill, Baker
Bridge Fields
Map 4-Wheeler and Osborne
Map 5-Mt. Misery Area
Mt. Misery, Farrar Pond
Map 6-Lincoln Center
Codman Lands and
Bergen-Culver (School Area)
Map 7-Weston Rd/Sliver Hill
Map 8- Beaver Pond Area
Beaver Pond,
Harrington/Stony Brook,
Fernald Woods
Map 9-Pigeon/Silver Hill
Pigeon Hill, Silver Hill, Conant
Rd to Weston
Map 10-Old Sudbury Rd to